Why is Routine SPA Recommended for Urban People? This is the explanation

javanese spa training – People living in big cities are advised to routinely do the spa as one effort to reduce the level of stress is getting higher. Ni Komang Tri Setiawati Indonesia therapeutic spa in the Indonesian Pavilion in Travel Revolution 2018 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Friday (23/3/2018), said the need for spa and relaxation massage done routinely. “The urban community is familiar with the pollution, congestion, and high workload so that the level of stress is increasingly uncontrolled,” said Komang who has undergone the profession spa therapist since 2009.According to him, the spa will be very beneficial to reduce the stress levels of urban communities in addition to many other benefits.  Moreover, many spas are now offering a full complement of facilities ranging from relaxation massage, “scrub”, to a mask that increasingly makes the benefits more felt.

In general, a regular spa at least two weeks will be useful to cleanse the body, blood circulation, relax the body, even can lose weight and tighten the skin. However, Komang underscores the need for the community to ensure coming to the spa spots with trained therapists and experts in order to get the expected benefits.

“Now many types of spas are offered one of them` Krakatoa Hot Lava` is a spa with volcanic ash, it also has great benefits, “he said. Indonesia SPA  itself has specifically introduced a spa herb known as “Etno Wellness” which is a treatment of mental, mind and physical health taken from local cultural wisdom.

Nine Etno Wellness Indonesia is Tangas Betawi, Batangeh Minang from West Sumatera, Batak from Batak from North Sumatra, Lulur Jawa, Boreh Bali, So`oso Madura, Batimung Banjar from South Kalimantan, North Sulawesi Minahasa Bakera, and Bedda Lottong Bugis from Sulawesi South.

One of the Indonesian cosmetics company Martha Tilaar among them already has four of nine ethno wellness Spa Indonesia namely Batimung Banjar, Lulur Jawa, Boreh Bali, and Bakera Minahasa.

“With this original material is expected to be one of the attractions for foreign tourists and hopefully after this tourists will know Indonesia as a tourist destination with authentic spa services,” said Komang.

Traditional spa and massage booths become one of the attractions offered at the Indonesian Pavilion in the Travel Revolution 2018 event held at Marina Bay Sands on March 23-25, 2018. (Antara)


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