Two delightful chocolate sensations in Bandung

Javanese SPA and Massage | Javanese Chocolate SPA  Training- Chocolate has long been associated with love and happiness. Consuming chocolate can result in the body secreting hormones that make us feel happy. And that is only one of a number of benefits that chocolate chocolate Here are two places in Bandung offering chocolate on the menu. They may have different takes on how to serve it, but they both lead to the same pleasant sensation.

Toko Coklat

There are several places in Bandung devoted to chocolate, and one of them is Toko Coklat at Jl. Cimanuk No. 5.

This small café, whose name literally means “chocolate shop”, attracts attention for its perfect combination of a homely, quirky, cozy and laid-back feel.

Despite its small size, Toko Coklat incorporates a comfortable outdoor dining area for coffee breaks on a lovely afternoon or romantic evening alfresco-style date.

Living up to its name, Toko Coklat sells an array of chocolate-inspired delights, with prices starting from Rp 6,000 (50 US cents) per item. The store has more than 30 different chocolates on their display.

Its signature dishes include Delicious Praline, which is made from the founder’s home recipe, and Vanilla Cream that is sensationally good.

Lounging at Toko Coklat on a cold Bandung night, while sipping its selection of hot chocolate beverages, is definitely a welcome and affordable treat.

There is also a unique spot in the store that couples can rent to take memorable, pre-wedding pictures.

Fun Chocolate Spa

This is where one should go in Bandung for a relaxing time with the children.

Amaia Family Spa & Reflexology at Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 31 is highly recommended for families, where moms can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment along with her kids.

To show how serious the spa takes its family theme, Amaia has set aside the first floor as a baby and children’s spa, offering pampering services for toddlers and children up to 12.

Included in the spa’s treatments are a baby massage, baby swim, manicure-pedicure and children’s spa packages, among others.

According to Amaia’s marketing director, Frina Hadimulya, the division of the baby and kids spa means there are fully trained staff with nursing diplomas who are knowledgeable in techniques that are safe and suitable for infants and young children. At the same time, they can also help if specific remedies are required, such as for colic, for instance.

“We also use internationally well-known skin care brands and oil from leading manufacturers because we know that children’s skin is [more sensitive and] less prone to allergies,” Frina added.

The spa also has several spacious rooms designed for the family so that parents can enjoy being pampered together with their children.

One of the spa’s signature treatments is a mom and kid spa, which involves chocolate. While mom enjoys the spa’s Chocolate Sensation, her child can have fun being pampered with a Yummy Choco Spa.

Both treatments begin with a body massage. For adults, the Chocolate Sensation lasts 150 minutes, with a chocolate scrub, mask and chocolate bath following the massage.

The children’s Yummy Choco Spa, however, is shorter — around 90 minutes. The massage is followed by the fun part of a head-to-toe chocolate mask and chocolate bath. But then comes the winning part that all children love: The chocolate mask on their face is edible — it tastes really good — and the chocolate bath is made all the merrier with colorful plastic balls in the tub.

According to Larasati Wazar, whose 4-year-old daughter Kinara tried the Yummy Choco Spa, her daughter seemed enjoy the whole treatment and she said she looked forward to another mother-daughter spa visit.

Five-year-old Zaviar Rafe, who visited with his parents and tried the treatment with his mother, said he had lots of fun, and added that his favorite part was licking the delicious chocolate mask off his face and playing with the balls in the tub.

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