The European Said, Indonesia Is the Spice Paradise


Javanese SPA and Herbal – Indonesia is famous as a rich country spices. Since the 1500, the name of Maluku famous in Europe. This is what prompted the Portuguese in droves to come to Asia. They wanted to find the spice that was then the price is equivalent to gold. Wealth is still up to now. In 2016 alone, Director General of Plantation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bambang said, spice commodity was contributing to GDP (gross domestic product) of 429 trillion exceeds oil and gas that only 365 trillion. So do not be surprised if Indonesia is called as a herb heaven. Now, there are still many farmers who can afford to feed the family through spices. Pharmaceutical companies and herbal manufacturers also involved themselves to promote the efficacy of spices Nusantara. One of them is PT Industri Jamu and Pharmaceutical Sido Muncul, Tbk. Through the Spice-Based Maritime Pavilion Week which was held in Lawangsewu, Semarang, on Thursday-Saturday (16-19 / 11/2017), the company that has been founded since 1951 this helped the event by opening 10 booths featuring various spices raw production of herbal medicine Sido Muncul.

The ingredients of the Sido Muncul are shown which include Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare), Ginger, Wooden Ules, and Mint used for the production of  Tolak Angin (Cold and Flue Herbal Medicine) , Imperata, Black Ginger, Chili Java, Kencur, Temu Lawak, Kayu Angin, and so forth.

Director of Sido Muncul, Irwan Hidayat said, his participation in this spice exhibition is also to show that Sido Emerging products are produced with a special standard according to GMP.

“We are the compressor, the raw material supplied from the farmers before it is produced by Sido Muncul there is also a standardization. Then before the product is circulated, our products will be carefully first in collaboration with the researchers,” said Director Sido Muncul Irwan Hidayat while attending the spice exhibition, Thursday (11/16/2017).

“Our results, Tolak Angin (Cold and Flue Herbal Medicine)  is a product of Sido Muncul that is safe to consume as recommended so far, which is a day and a maximum of 9 sachet,” said Ipang Djunarko, M.Sc, Apt, a researcher from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. became Sido’s Muncul partner  for several years.

Irwan explained, various raw materials are purchased from local farmers who become farmers built. There are at least 120 farmers whose products are purchased and processed into various herbal products Sido Muncul.

The guided farmers who have cooperated with Sido Muncul come from several regions including Semarang, Magelang, Karanganyer, etc.

A farmer in Jarkoni Semarang regency said, has been supplying raw materials to Sido Muncul since 2012. In order to be purchased Sido Muncul, raw materials from Jarkoni must conform to the established standardization.

“Within a month, I send about 10-20 tons of various types of raw materials that I planted into Sido Muncul. Alhamdulillah my income is reasonable because it was purchased with a reasonable price and accordingly,” he said.

Over time, Sido Muncul will increase the number of farmers to be invited to cooperate because now the people of Indonesia are increasingly aware of the benefits of herbal medicines.

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