Sugar and spice and all things nice

Nspa indonesia1ATURAL INGREDIENTS and healing traditions from all al Asean member nations have found their way into four invigorating spa treatments being offered by Devarana Spa throughout 2015.The healing traditions from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have been classified geographically into four distinct programs: Mekong River Harmony, Malaya Retreat, Kalimantan Haven and Pilipinas Island Hideaway but all are designed to bring body and mind back into equilibrium in a two-hour session comprising a body scrub followed by a sublime massage.

The Mekong River Harmony treatment is created from elements from each country that the Mekong River runs through. It begins with a freshly made body scrub with Tanaka powder from Myanmar, cashew nut from Cambodia and dragon fruit from Vietnam that uplifts the senses and exfoliates skin using natural granules. The journey is then completed with a choice of a soothing aromatic Laotian champaca oil massage or an energising Thai massage that leaves you completely relaxed and refreshed.

Inspired by famous Singaporean dessert Cendol, the Malaya Retreat starts with a nourishing body scrub with sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaf juice with a hint of jackfruit. The coconut milk moisturises, the pandan soothes and softens while the sugar grains gently exfoliate. The aromatic scrub is then followed by Langkawi-style massage, which uses deep tissue techniques and elbow and arm pressure to ease tense muscles and relive stress.

Aromatic herbs and native crops of Indonesia and Brunei are the main ingredients of the Kalimantan Haven treatment that is designed to stimulate the senses with a warm scrub. The heat, which comes from the herbs and spices, stimulates circulation and soothes swollen, troubled skin. The mixture also has natural essential oils that soothe and thoroughly moisturises. The treatment ends with the a fragrant tuberose oil massage that stimulates circulation and induces a warming effect. This essential oil can also be used to keep the skin free of infections, and the mind free from stress.

Lastly, the Pilipinas Island Hideaway gives mind and body a summery feel with bring you summery feel with the famous ube (purple yam) ice cream from the Philippines. The luxurious blend of sweet potatoes, taro, oatmeal and lavender essential oil tones and moisturises, while the “ice cream” exfoliation at 15-20 degrees Celsius reduces inflammation and the oatmeal peels away dull dead skin. The journey is completed with an oil massage using a jasmine oil blend to enhance the pleasure of a warm summer day.

If you prefer a different scent, the spa also offers four essential massage oils. Glee has aromatic layers of zesty lemongrass and clean florals while olive, argan and jojoba base oils make this unique blend excellent for all skin types. If you want to relax, opt for Mellow, a classic and feminine scent, that blends luxurious and soothing blend of rose absolute, camomile and lavender. Rose essential oil is vital to any treatment of dry and mature skins.

If you prefer something a little more invigorating, Cherish is the choice for you. Earthy with sandalwood oil, the ingredient in this amorous blend works to balance heart chakra, the centre that emanates feelings of love. Macadamia nut and sweet almond base oils are added to nourish and relieve dry skin. The cool and refreshingly aromatic Breeze, meanwhile, has cypress and neroli oils that embody calming and soothing effects, while thyme and bergamot help combat depression and exhaustion. Jojoba and grape seed base oils are perfect for oily skin type.

The two-hour Asean Remedies spa programme is priced at Bt3,500 and are available throughout 2015 at all Devarana Spas in Thailand, the Philippines and Maldives.

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