Spa product makers seek `simpler’ permit processes

Javanese SPA Training -The Association of Spa Product Producers (Appro Spa) in Bali is urging the government to make the permit process simpler and clearer to help boost growth of the small industry. Association chairman Wayan Sukhana said that although the permits were necessary to certify that a company’s spa products were safe, the time-consuming process for acquiring a permit could discourage new businesses.

“I hope the government, especially the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), will make getting a permit faster and easier for small businesses,” he said Thursday.

Wayan said spa product makers still had to go through several different processes, including for waste management and building permits, before they could register their products with BPOM in Jakarta.

Another industry-specific permit required is the Good Cosmetics Manufacturing certificate, which is important when competing with products from other countries, Wayan said.

He said the permits would play an important role in gaining customers’ trust both to reach wider markets and as protection during police inspections, Wayan said.

His house on Jl. Kebo Iwa in Denpasar was the target of a police raid last year during the height of concern about cosmetics from China containing hydroquinone and mercury.

Wayan said he was able to save his business by showing officers his permit to run a small medicine product business, even though the police had requested he show a BPOM letter.

Nengah Widana, another maker of spa products, said it was not difficult to get each permit and register his product with BPOM, but that the lengthy process was unbearable – it took him one and half years to get all the necessary permits.

He said it was just as well he had obtained a building permit in his previous business producing incense or it would have taken even longer.

“I wish we could just register our products with the BPOM provincial office instead of going all the way to Jakarta,” he said Saturday.

“If a small industry like ours is not supported, how will our country develop?”

According to another maker of spa products, Made Diksa, the permit process is simple – as long as people had guidance and experience.

“The problem for beginners like me is getting the information about the permitswhat are the requirements and where to go are the basic questions,” he said.

“We need assistance and clear guidance from the related agencies.”

Head of BPOM’s Bali office, Sri Utami Ekaningtyas, said the agency had given regular guidance to spa product makers in Bali and worked with them closely to maintain the quality of their products.

She said that while small-business people still had to go to Jakarta to register their products, the service would eventually become available at the provincial level as the agency upgraded its capability.

“Last October, for example, the BPOM opened a temporary service in Surabaya so people did not need to go to Jakarta to register their products,” Sri told The Jakarta Post on Saturday.

Sutedja from the Bali Trade and Industry Agency IGN said when contacted Friday that he was unavailable to comment about assistance given to the producers for getting through the long bureaucratic permit processes.

“I am busy right now, I am in a meeting. Make it on Monday at the office,” he said before hanging up.

Appro Spa was established in April last year as requested by the Bali Trade and Industry Agency after the emergence of 11 small businesses focusing on spa products.

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