Spa a popular alternative for relieving stress

Javanese Spa Massage Training-Visiting a spa has become a popular alternative for relieving stress among executives and celebrities in the bustling metropolis of Jakarta. Utami, a top executive at a state bank, for instance, treats herself to a hot stone massage at a spa every fortnight. “”The hot sensation from the stones on the skin is relaxing and soothing. And the kneading of a massage gives extra comfort to your body,”” she said enthusiastically.

She also learned how to breathe properly through yoga lessons at a spa.

Like Utami, Liza Miranda, a model, and Diana Pungky, a TV actress, also enjoy the luxury of visiting spas,

Referring to herself as a “”spa addict””, Liza says, “”I go to a spa about twice a week for about two or three hours each time, especially after I’ve exercised,”” says Liza, who is starting up a cosmetics and fragrance business.

She says she usually has a healing treatment, which is more useful for soothing and relaxing the muscles after a spell of sport.

For this treatment, she usually starts with a body scrub, in which dead skin is removed, followed by a full body and a face massage to help blood flow and relax the muscles of the face so that she can always looks young.

Liza is so enthusiastic about spa treatments that even when abroad, she prefers to enjoy a spa session rather than shop. “”I was once curious about and addicted to Thai massage,”” said Liza, who also regularly gets acupuncture at a spa.

Curiosity about Thai massage overcame her when she was in Bangkok, and so she decided to learn all about this particular massage, which is known for its unique moves.

“”It is better to have a body treatment regularly in a relaxed and pleasing manner rather than get a lot of diseases that will see you end up in the hospital,”” said Liza, who in her early 40s always looks fit and full of life. Of course, spa treatments should be coupled with wholesome food and a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Diana says that spa treatments are a luxury for her given her tight schedule as an actress.

“”The soft music, unique aromatherapy and comfortable atmosphere make me linger at the spa,”” she says.

Diana, who is also a fashion director for her own lifestyle magazine, Registry, says she likes a spa with a strong Javanese nuance and all the elements, such as the unique aroma of incense that teases the senses coupled with the soft sound of Javanese music.

Unlike Liza who is fanatical about treatment products containing white rice and honey, a combination that she has used for more than five years, Diana likes uniquely traditional Javanese treatment products such as lulur kuning (yellow rice power cosmetic) which contains turmeric and honey. For her dainty body, Diana prefers either the Javanese or Balinese massage, both of which are characterized by strong kneading.

Besides using traditional treatment products, Diana balances the sharp aroma of Javanese products with treatment products based on chocolate with a vanilla aroma for a body mask, followed by a milk bath to moisturize her body.

Diana also regularly has foot reflexology because she always wears heels that are over five centimeters high. “”Foot reflexology can relax the tense muscles of the feet,”” she says confidently.

Aside from regularly visiting spas in Jakarta, Liza, Utami and Diana also often visit spas in Bali and other cities, which offer packages of several days of treatment. They all say that it is a change of pace and atmosphere in which the mind, body and soul can relax and unwind.

Spa-goers are not confined to women as many men also find the need to relieve their stress at these establishments.

For example, Michael Spencer, an expatriate who is a consultant at an oil and gas company, says he likes the relaxing experience of spa treatments.

“”A massage in the style of a healing treatment can relax muscles that become tense after working on a computer for a very long time.

“”Usually, after having a massage and a body treatment at a spa, my body and my mind are refreshed and I feel enthusiastic to resume work,”” says Michael, an Englishman married to an Indonesian.

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