Recognizing Traditional Indonesian SPA Menu and types

Javanese spa training – SPA becomes a beauty treatment for women. One of the most favored spas is traditional. Spa itself is interpreted as the element of water because it refers to the health. In addition, the spa is also used to maintain the balance of heat and cold the human body. When a body is too hot or cold, it can be said that someone is sick. However, in maintaining health needs to consider the balance of heat and cold in the body. Recently the Indonesia Wellness Master Association (IWMA) consisting of health anthropologists, pharmacists, herbalists, and some medical staff conducted research to find traditional Indonesian spa types. The result, found nine types of traditional Indonesian SPA that has existed since several years ago. The nine types of traditional spas are Lulur Jawa, Boreh Bali, Oukup Medan, Batangeh Minang, So’oso Madura, Batimung Banjar Kalimantan, Bakera Minahasa, Bedugal Lottong Bugis, and Tangas Betawi.

Generally, the technique used by each area is the same, ie through evaporation. However, the materials or spices used differ slightly between regions.

“Every Region is different from the spices, only the same kinds are used, such as ginger, red laos, lemongrass, lime leaves, and also leaves from their respective regions. So, Indonesia is actually rich in spices whereby the decoction of the spices is used as steam to warm and scent, “said Yulia Himawati, representative of Indonesia Wellness Master Association

According to Yulia, nine traditional spas are still applicable to date. It’s just that there are differences in the manufacturing process between the past with now. “If the first potion is made by yourself then directly used for their own needs. However, if there are now some things that can not be done, such as for the fragrance of the ingredients to stay awake aromatherapy and preservatives, so now many people choose to come to the spa house, more practical, “he explained.

“If there is now an industry that does that, there are herbal industry, herbal medicine industry, and body care that comes from ancestors and can not be done traditionally anymore. Most importantly, the same content used is just a different process, so keep the potion to avoid changes, “lid Yulia while smiling.

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