Ratus Spa, Intimate Organ Care for Javanese Women

javanese spa training -Today, beauty care is one of the needs of women .  Start from facial, body care, that up to the intimate organs. Beauty is not only kept that look outside but also covered areas such as female organs. One of the treatments that often performed by women is a Ratus SPA where the female intimate organs are cleaned and evaporated by spices. Ratus Spa is usually done women who will marry to care  their sex organs  clean and healthy. “Routine is good because one of the function is antiseptic, can be stimulate blood circulation specially when you have menstrutation, “said one therapist, Dian.

Dian explain the process of  Ratus SPA . First the woman will wear the kemben (Javanese custom) and must have to take off the pants. Next will be fumigation using charcoal and the woman must open a little leg or astride. “There is a sense of heat so it does not hurt. Approximately 5-10 minutes aja process, “said Dian. Smoking is using spices such as vetiver,  klabet, memories, and sandalwood. After the process complete, you can go straight home without having to flush and you are asked not to bathe for an hour ahead.

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