Proximity to establish Through Baby Massage

A close bond between parent and child must be forged early on. One way to strengthen the relationship of children and parents are doing a massage on the baby (Baby Massage). By massaging, there will be an intimate interaction between parent and child. ” Maybe this time the parents entrust the child to the massage therapist. However, it would be better if the massage itself, ” said physiotherapist, Niniek Soetini, as reported JPNN. Woman who took a master’s degree in exercise physiology at Bali’s Udayana University said that the effect of routine baby massage  will carry over into adulthood. She gave an example, the child will look for his parents when having problems in his youth. ” Not to a friend or someone else. It caused the child comfortable when the memory storing a massage routine, ” She Said. She revealed, infant massage will reduce levels of the hormone catecholamine hormones alias that lead to stress.

It was, according to him, demonstrated in a study. The story, there are two children who will school exams. One person massaged and the other does not. ” Children are massaged over concentration in doing exams and get good grades, ” She said.

The grandmother of five grandchildren also gives tips for comfort when massaging. Among other things, massaging the child after the child satisfied, at least one hour after eating or drinking milk child. In addition, parents should make sure their children in a state of calm. ” If fitted baby fussy, even pity, might be bloated, ” She explained.

Baby will feel comfortable from the touch of his father or mother. Not just a massage, parents are expected to converse with her baby. ” Although not bisamenimpali, during a massage please talk to, ” She explained.

He suggested, parents who still doubt massaging her child could menyontoh massage movements of therapists. ” In the first experiment, parents can try for a short time. For example, about 15 minutes, ” he said. (NHK)

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