Javanese SPA Training : Pre and Post Natal Treatment Training

Javanese SPA Training : Pre and Post Natal Treatment Training

Pregnancy is one of the most special times for women, but it is also a time where many changes will occur to women body.  Javanese SPA Training introducing javanese pre and post natal treatment training. This training aims to provide knowledge and skills for participants to give a treatment before and after giving birth with traditional ingradients and javanese treatments. This course is designed for 4 days in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Training will be delivered using  English language with training method 70% practical and 30% theory from 08.30-15.30 Indonesia Time.

Training Sesions
Day 1 : Javanese SPA and Culture, Traditional Herbal and Ingradient
Day 2 : Pre Natal Treatment and Massage
Day 3 : Post Natal Massage and Miss V Treatment
Day 4 : Traditional Slimming Technique after Giving Birth
Day 5 : Evaluation

Training Facilities:

  • Training kit
  • Modules
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch
  • Training Certificate


Course Fee

US$ 1500

Course Schedule (Optional Schedule)

January, 13-17,  2016
February,8-9, 2016
March, 8-12, 2016
May, 10-14, 2016
July, 11-15,2016
September,13-17, 2016
October, 11-15 Oktober 2016
November, 8-12, 2016
December, 13-17, 2016


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