Javanese spa products prove globally attractive

Javanese SPA Training -Increasing demand for high-quality traditional spa products in the international market has led to a local home industry producing Javanese products going global this year.” “We have just received an order from a Japanese buyer for ratus spa products along with the chairs and burners for the V-spa treatments,” said Anny Wulan, president director of Putri Kedaton Java spa factory, in Yogyakarta on Tuesday.The factory only entered the business a year ago, but it has started to export its products to Australia and countries in Asia and Europe.

“In terms of quality, Javanese traditional spa materials actually are not less attractive compared to those already in the international market. We have our own uniqueness and fragrance,” Anny said.

Traditionally, Anny said, herbs have been inseparable parts of Javanese culture for hundreds of years both for traditional healing, health maintenance and beauty treatments.

Proof, she said, could be seen in the reliefs of many temples across Java including Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java.

Other evidence, she added, included literary works on the use of herbs for healing, health maintenance and beauty purposes such as Serat Primbon Jampi Jawi, Racikan Boreh Wulang Ndalem, Serat Rempah Jawi, Lontar Taliwang and Serat Centhini.

“Many of the herbs are still being used for the same purposes up to the present.” Anny added it was in a bid to help revive the use of herbs for beauty treatments that she established her business in the first place.

She said she started to sell her products among close friends since early 2007 and only decided to start the business seriously a year ago.

“I told myself that I must have self-confidence in marketing the products. These are the products of a high-valued culture, an ancient legacy that is worth preserving.”

Putri Kedaton’s initiative to gain both domestic and international recognition has won support from the provincial association of beauticians and salon owners Tiara Kusuma.

“These kinds of professional beauty treatments will counter the image of Yogyakarta as the home of *salon plus’,” said Setianingsih Moerwengdyah Anglingkusumo, Tiara Kusuma chairwoman.

“Salon plus” refers to salons that illegally offer commercial sex services

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