Indonesian Traditional SPA Sensation

Beauty skin always identic with expensive treatments. This assumption must be thrown away. Trends in natural treatments will actually make your skin more beautiful and fresh. It can be through herbal massage with herbal ingredients and stretcher wrapped in warm batik cloth. To the stage of spa treatments, you can choose the package massage abundant herbal ingredients as massage oils, scrubs, bath procession spice up over the bathtub.Nuance relaxation is increasingly making body feels when you inhale the natural fragrances derived from herbs that are used during the treatment. “If you just spa, may have been found in many places. To create a new sensation, we offer traditional spa package that is synonymous with ethnic nuances Indonesia and Javanese. There rempah-rempah nutritious ingredients, there is a fragrant wood and fragrances of ancient batik mind becomes calm and comfortable, “said Lakshmi S Marsadinata, owner of Flower Spa & Resto.

Overwhelming herbal spa luxuries initiated from foot ritual massage continues in the spa room. treatment, after that first guests massaged with balinese massage. Then, herb spices sprinkled on top of your body  are served by wrapping batik that already-steam. Materials natural spices, such as a cup, roots, flowers, wrapped in a batik cloth that condition has been heated. With the prone position, Clients will wrapped  with hot batik while given a massage Bali. Warm sensation that burst over this body will instantly absorb into the pores so the body feels fresh dan fit.

“Actually wrapped with hot batik is only a part of classical fragrance sensation. However, there are a variety of spices wrapped in a drug that is able to improve blood circulation as well as relaxation of mind, “he said. The uniqueness of this herbal spa also increasingly become addictive when they felt stretching with Balinese massage techniques. The strength of the massage could reduce body aches and fatigue. While his style is dominated by chuck-chuck full of pressure, a role also relax the body.The most favored option, you can perform a hot stone treatment therapy. Your body will spoiled with the sensation of hot stones. The stone used to rely on volcanic rocks of various sizes. In this case, the volcanic rock can be used as media for massaging the body surface. Through this warm rock movement, the fat in the body can shed slowly.

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