Here is a Fruit that is Suitable for Luluran (Javanese Traditional Scrub Treatment) Use

20612942Javanese spa training – Various materials can be used for luluran (Javanese Traditional Scrub Treatment). One of them uses fresh fruits. In addition Fruits  tasty and refreshing to consume, fruits have a myriad of benefits to care for the health and beauty of body skin, vitamins and antioxidants contained in it able to nourish the skin of the body can be more enlightening naturally. According to dr. Atika Kusuma Dewi, SpKK, skin and genital specialist, naturally made fruits for body scrubs are very useful as skin health body. Like strawberries that contain many vitamins, which are useful as antioxidants, make skin brighter, as antiaging and disguise vleks on the surface of the skin and smooth the skin of the body. Strawberries also contain Vitamin E which is useful as a skin moisturizer and Vitamin K which helps to reduce wrinkles. In addition to strawberries, other fruits are often used on the lulur is avocado. Avocado spa should be done on normal body skin or oily combination.

Avocado oil is very easily absorbed so it will seep into the skin. It can help speed up the regeneration of skin cells good, able to improve the circulation in the body and skin so it is suitable for those with dry skin types. In addition, the oil contained in the avocado can serve as a sunscreen that keeps the skin awake even in the sun. In addition to fruits, flowers are also used in spa treatments. Spa roses are believed to be able to remove acne on the back, antiinflammatory substances that work well in the skin so as to eliminate signs of aging such as wrinkles.Fragrant aroma caused by roses can help the body become more relaxed. You can choose a rose spa if your skin is normal or a combination. Another common ingredient used is ginseng. Spa ginseng is beneficial for the beauty of body skin because it provides nutrients to the skin, diminish black vlek and prevent premature aging. Ginseng contains ginsenosida, polysaccharide, panaxan, fiber, zinc and Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and C are much needed skin. In addition, ginseng contains saponins that act as high antioxidants that are able to ward off free radicals from Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B sunlight. Therefore, moisturizers that contain ginseng in addition to moisturize the skin is also able to provide benefits to prevent wrinkles and reduce skin pigmentation. Ginseng is highly recommended for women who have normal or oily skin types.

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