Green Tea Scrub (Traditional Javanese Recipe) Eliminate Wrinkles

Pollution makes the skin look dull and wrinkled quickly. Green Tea scrub  could be the one of the solution. Activities that are so dense and often outside the room, causing the skin vulnerable to air pollution and ultraviolet rays. Finally, the skin looks dull and wrinkled quickly. But do not to worry, because the green tea leaves can handle it. “In order to keep skin smooth and healthy, indeed necessary care. One of them is cleaning the skin by using a traditional recipe (Javanese Recipe), such as scrub or mask of green tea leaves, “said Yanti Febry Rafira Griya Manager.

Febry revealed, the general purpose of this treatment as a medium of relaxation of the body. In addition, green tea is believed to be beneficial to the regeneration of the skin, remove impurities and dead skin due to dust, sun, and pollution of the environment effect that is not good for skin health.

For treatment stages, said Febry, beginning with the massage (massage), lulur (javanese treatment) or body scrub), body steam, body masks, and cleansing the skin post-treatment. As for advantages, raw materials used natural products, derived from natural spices and herbs.

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