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What is Indonesian Massagge?

Massage is in integral part of indonesian approach to innner and outer health and beauty. Massage ini Indonesia usually associated with helping the body rid itself of disease, regain its inherent health and ensure an on going state of good health. Two traditional types of massage are practised: pijat and urut. The word pijat means […]

Indonesian Cosmetics Industry: Ministry of Industry Deputy Director on the Vast Market Opportunity

“Indonesia offers a huge opportunity in the cosmetics industry given its vast domestic market, the availability of qualified human resources as well as the immense potential of local raw herbal ingredients. Indonesia is undeniably unique.” These were the opening remarks of the Deputy Director of the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Ministry of Industry of the Republic […]

Javanese atmosphere in the big city

Villas, dining spots and spas offering unique and natural ambience are familiar sights for those driving to the Lembang resort area in Bandung, West Java.A new resort — Jadul Village — is a new addition to the popular area. Located on the corner of Jl. Terusan Sersan Bajuri, the place at first glance may not […]