Here are 5 Traditional Indonesian Spas, One from Madura


Javanese spa training – Body treatments such as body scrubs and spas become the needs and lifestyle of most people of Indonesia. Not only this time, but this treatment has started long ago. In Indonesia there are many spas known by outsiders. Uniquely, the treatment used is using traditional spices. No wonder, many people love it and do this treatment to beautify themselves. Because, in addition to making the skin more beautiful, spices also have natural properties, so that no side effects caused. Well, if you already know the variety of traditional Indonesian Spa ?. Here are spa treatments that come from various regions in Indonesia by utilizing the efficacy of the spices:

Lulur, Java

Traditional spas from Java Island are scrubs that made from rice flour mixture, kencur (Kaempferia galanga), and some other herbs that are clearly native from Indonesia. Lulur Java Island was originally given as skin care of the princesses in the kingdom period in Java.

Boreh, Bali

Bali is also one of the islands in Indonesia that has body treatments for women naturally. One of Bali’s famous spa treatments is boreh. This type of natural body care uses natural ingredients, such as roots, spices (turmeric, black pepper, white pepper, and ginger). With a mixture of natural ingredients and combined with traditional massage, women can get beautiful skin, blood circulation and make the body relax

Tangas, Betawi

Tangas became one of the skin care agencies that have been done by Betawi women. Spa treatment of tangas, consists of massages, scrubs and steam. When performing a series of treatment treatments, a woman will perform sembe ta’zim, in the form of massage and stretching a la Betawi. Natural body care is rich in spices is also using pletok beer, Betawi special beverage.

So’oso, Madura

Traditional so’oso spa treatment from Madura origin uses egg protein to exfoliate, so it can improve the health condition of the skin of the body. With a long and intense massage, the body will come back fresh. In addition to a massage, women who do spa so’oso will also drink Madura typical herbal medicine after treatment. The reason, Madura herbal is very famous as a female intimate fasteners organs commonly consumed by Madurese women.

Batangeh, Minangkabau

Batangeh in Minangkabau means steam bath. The herb used for steam baths a la Minangkabau consists of decoction of flowers, leaves, bark, roots or rhizomes and also grains. In addition, also added sereh fragrant, pandanus, betel, gembelu, fragrant usa, and kenanga flowers. So, after a steam bath, the woman will feel her body more relaxed, detox out through sweat, and the body becomes fragrant

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