Japanese Spa Offering Cat Back Massages

e932a8b2-8545-4b1e-b877-be9c90f84e0e_43Cats have taken over the Internet and now they are taking over the hospitality industry, too.There are cat cafes and cat wine cars, and now there are cat massage parlors, where your meowing masseuse will demand her tip in sardines … probably. At a spa in Japan, feline lovers can opt for a furry add-on to their massages. Kitties are on staff, and on the table, to take over during massages. While you can’t control the paw pressure of this adorable feature, the precious “making biscuits” kneading motion all these masseuses have mastered is said to be one of the most soothing touches in all the land.Feel free to try this with your cats at home, but go for it with low expectations … and maybe some kitten mittens.

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