1,000 spa therapists break world record

Javanese SPA and Massage Training |SPA therapists Training –One thousand spa therapists made a new world record by conducting a mass massage on Sanur Beach on Friday afternoon in an event called “Two thousand therapists’ hands in traditional Indonesian massage”.  The previous world record belonged to Thailand with 641 masseurs in 2012. Lying on palmyra leaf mats, 1,000 participants of “Wonderful Adventure Indonesia: Asia Pacific Hash 2014,” enjoyed relaxing 15-minute massages by therapists from Bali, Central Java and East Java.

“It’s wonderful. I like Balinese massage,” Australian Russel Collins commented on his massage.

Collins, who is participating in the hash, said he would always have a Balinese massage when he visited the island. In addition to its relaxing and soothing effect, a Balinese massage is also cheaper than massages in his home country.

“In Australia, we have to pay A$80 (US$74) to $90, while in Bali we can have one for only $30,” said Collins.

During the event, the therapists were divided into nine groups giving nine types of spa treatments — Javanese lulur (body scrub), Balinese boreh (body mask), Bugis tellu sulapa eppa (body scrub) from South Sulawesi, Minahasa bakera (herbal steam bath) from North Sulawesi, ; Batak oukup (herbal steam bath) from North Sumatra, Betawi tangas (feminine smoke or steam treatment) from Jakarta, Minang batangeh (traditional sauna) from West Sumatra, Madurese so’oso (exfoliation treatment using egg protein) from East Java and Banjar batimung (detoxifying ritual) from South Kalimantan.

Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) founder Jaya Suprana said the event broke the world record.

“We should be proud that we’ve broken the world record,” Suprana said after handing over a MURI certificate on the world record to Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Mari Elka Pangestu.

Suprana said that the organization issued the certificate based on the last world record held by Thailand.

The minister expressed appreciation to all participating masseurs and participants of the event.

“Thank you for agreeing to be massaged by our therapists. For all participating therapists, we sincerely thank you and are very proud of you. You do excellent work. Thank you for your wonderful hands.”

Mari also said that through the event the ministry was eager to promote the nine types of traditional massages from across Indonesia. “We have many different types of massages from all around Indonesia. I hope all of you can enjoy them,” she said.

Wayan Sudani, one of the spa therapists, was enthusiastic about participating in the record-breaking event. The 38-year-old woman said participating in such an event was a rare opportunity. “Moreover, we got a certificate for participating in the event. I am really proud to be part of it,” the mother of two from Sukawati Gianyar said.

Ketut Kamiasih from Klungkung regency was also happy. “I am really happy took part in this event and am glad I could. Many therapist failed to participate because they only needed 1,000 therapists,” the mother of three said.

Almost 2,000 participants from 19 countries are taking part in the non-competitive Asia Pacific Hash, running through Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Tabanan and Klungkung until May 10. Some participants will also explore Labuhan Bajo in Nusa Tenggara from May 11 to 13.

It is the first hash to be initiated by the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, which hopes it will become a biennial event.

In 2012, an international hash was held in the Borobudur temple area in Central Java.

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